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"Joel knew exactly what to do and did a great job delivering on all of the services we selected. His team was also spot on with their sale price projections and helped me get a much better price than I expected."

Ian Douglas, Central Toronto

"My husband and I were thrilled with the results using Joel to sell our home. Our home sold with multiple offers in under a week. He and his team were very thorough and delivered exactly what they promised. I’d highly recommend using Joel if you’re selling your home."

Shelly Orr, Kingsway Resident

Joel offers the best rates in the industry.
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  • Exposure to over 61% of potential home buyers through the MLS platform
  • Increase perceived value from high resolution photos that display the home features buyers love most
  • Digital brochures that can be downloaded and shared to increase exposure
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  • A recent national study concluded that staged homes spend 1/2 the time on the market
  • The same study concluded that staged home sell for an average of 6% above asking price
  • Our relationships with top staging companies, ensure you get the best for less
  • You'll pay nothing upfront since all staging costs are built into your commission rate
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  • Justify a premium price by presenting your home in the best way possible
  • Make buyers aware of your home's greatest benefits and features, the neighbourhood, and local lifestyle.
  • Gain exposure to even more buyers with the ability to use the video for Facebook and Youtube video advertising campaigns
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  • Increase buyer interest through a cutting edge technology that creates a true in-person feel
  • Set your listing apart using the latest technology that excels over commonly seen low quality walkthroughs
  • Build value and create buyer excitement by outlining key features and home upgrades
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  • Exposure to 43% larger buyer pool than MLS alone
  • Access to specialized advertising team highly skilled in home sales
  • Custom sales website that is 4.5 times more effective than standard realtor websites at capturing leads
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  • Gain access to buyers through local networks of home owners and agents
  • Get more buyers to see the home in a shorter period of time
  • Gain helpful buyer feedback to make value added adjustments to the listing
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  • Increase home value up to 20% by upgrading key areas of the home buyers relate to most
  • Customers who select this service on average see their home sell 4 times faster
  • Upgrade amounts can be built into your commission rate, so there are no direct costs to you
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  • Easily reference all progress made on your home sale
  • Instant feedback on the performance of open houses, online listings, and more
  • Perfectly align buyers with listings positioning to sell your home faster
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  • Logically justify your premium price to potential buyers in negotiations
  • Sophisticated tools to provide the best pricing strategy for your property
  • State of the art analysis to identify property strengths and weaknesses
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  • Avoid costly hang ups in the closing process when buyers ask for a home inspection
  • Be prepared by staying one step ahead of buyers throughout negotiations
  • Ensure fast a fast closing of your home sale by receiving early awareness of potential problems to allow for repairs